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Source: Patrice Lumumba, The Truth about a Monstrous Crime of the Colonialists, Moscow, Foreign Languages Publishing House, 1961, pp 105-115.
Written: by N. KHOKHLOV, Izvestia Special Correspondent
Transcribed: by Thomas Schmidt.

Reproduced on NuScribes, having been found on the darkweb, so the majority of Africans might discover and read this significant aspect of our history.

Esoteric (The Album Lyrics & Music)

Esoteric (The Album Lyrics & Music)

by BookAuthor object

This is a compilation of all the lyrics used on the WIP debut Hip Hop album by Nemesis Fixx. These lyrics are also published elsewhere (on Genius), but they are here presented, to be available to those who wish to study them, all in one place, and maybe also download the catalog for offline reference.

For those who are new to Hip Hop, or Conscious Hip Hop to be precise, there are some things about the lyrics in this album that you might want to look out for or keep in mind:

  • This album is mostly themed around rarely discussed issues, and there's many references to topics in many domains, that would be entirely new to some. But also, there are likely to be some controversial references. Beware.
  • Most of the songs are longer than the typical mainstream lyric. It's the preference of the writer of this music, to give enough treatment to each chosen topic. Read the lyrics carefully... hurried reading is likely to miss some subtle gems.
  • The style of this emcee, has been colored by influences as diverse as those of Canibus, KRS-ONE, Jedi Mind Tricks, Rakim, Inspectah Deck, Big Pun and the other heavy, underground lyricists of yore.

AFRICAN SPIRITUALITY in words, video, music & art

AFRICAN SPIRITUALITY in words, video, music & art

by BookAuthor object

Africa's greatest problems are never going to be solved by anyone not African. Africa's greatest problems have nothing to do with money, the lack of housing or with the lack of fancy material comforts or the failure to catch up with western materialistic dreams. The problems of Africa start with our spirit - we have sustained deep wounds to the core of Who We Are, we have lost grasp of Who We Are, we now suffer, because we fear Who We Are! It's a spiritual problem first, then intellectual, and the rest readily follows.


Africa Needs Spiritual Healing - not with the help of Christianity, Islam or any other "foreign" faith, but by the conscious application and development of our own native and derivative spiritual systems. Spirituality, used wisely and consciously, is to be the single most powerful tool for restoring the African Mind and Spirit, to its former glory and then beyond.

This isn't an ordinary book, and it might also not be for the faint of heart. But any African is very likely to readily find solace herein, and glean from it the sort of wisdom and power that would most transform their lives, empower and liberate them - in whatever way that might be.

It's not just text either. It's a collection of material collected from many places, that are meant to approach or shine light on the matter of African Spirituality, from many contexts, and using different medium; word of mouth, video, music, text, images and more. Enjoy, and be touched - right now!

Art Credits: "Witch Concept2", TobyFoxArt