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This platform is combines new ways of publishing books, discovering writers and enjoying books in a whole new and flexible way online and offline.

The innovation introduces a self-publishing model in which authors enrolled onto the platform get to author books with simple, online editors directly on the platform, review their work, and then finally self-publish the polished or draft pieces for the entire world to read!

The entire world can browse all free and public NuScribes libraries; either reading the books directly online, or downloading portable, standard e-book formats (EPUB), for reading offline on any ebook reader software of their liking; on mobile, tablet or desktop.

NuScribes is especially aimed at a new breed of young, creative and adventurous writers, and especially with a hope to inspire many otherwise unpublished and uncelebrated talent in schools (especially girls) all across Africa, to get their voice to the whole world for Free!

Why Books? Books are immortal! So, instead of encouraging writers to focus on blogs, essays and such, we aim to inspire more writers to embrace one of the most powerful mediums of communication ever concieved by man - the book. So, though traditional publishing is out of reach for most aspiring writers, we on the otherhand aspire to not compromise on quality, without letting costs get in the way of creativity and talent exposure. We aspire to be the best and most affordable publishing service any writer will ever be capable of accessing, anywhere!

We also aspire to inspire more africans to read and write constructive books, not just online, but offline as well, as a more progressive and recreational means to spend time - in the process, nurturing and inspiring the next generation of eminent african intellectuals and scholars.

Of Science and its Method

Of Science and its Method

by BookAuthor object

This is a brief note on the fundamental nature of science, its method, power and limitations. It also presents open questions concerning what we might do concerning whether its beneficial for humanity to continue to pursue and trust in unscientific systems of inquiry and their authorities or not. 

The ideas are at the core of the work being undertaken by the author and other similar researchers, into how science can better be utilized to not only advance the industrial, material needs of humanity, but also its spiritual needs - if at all such is feasible. 

We are at the dawn of a new era, and it's critical that thinkers all over the world engage in a review of these fundamental perspectives we hold today, especially with regards to the most widely held worldviews, of which science is a dominant, albeit ill understood paradigm.

Dedicated to free-thinkers, men and women that love wisdom and those inquirers into the essential nature of our existence.

Lutalo Joseph Willrich

joe [at] nuchwezi [dot] com

NuChwezi School of the Esoteric.

This note has also been published on ISSU, and you can get a PDF of the same from there.

Social Medias Gone WILD!

Social Medias Gone WILD!

by BookAuthor object

This is a collection of micro-tales, viral jokes, overhyped alerts, underrated maxims and other things I've witnessed while giving audience to the friendly, talkative folks on Social Media.

Many times, these messages, which typically are aimed at groups - esp. WhatsApp Groups, contain verbatim instructions for the recipient to forward the message to others! I typically don't find it prudent to obey, and so have chosen to systematically disobey, by instead curating some of these messages here, so in the future, everyone that'd have pointed fingers at me or accused me for not sharing, can instead thank me - yes, am sure many will have deleted these, or long forgotten about them, by the time the next viral distraction comes along!

Alright, friends, brothers, siststers and babysitters, here we go...

In Defense of Witchcraft, Magick and Alternative, Deviant Spirituality (for Africa, and for all humanity).

In Defense of Witchcraft, Magick and Alternative, Deviant Spirituality (for Africa, and for all humanity).

by BookAuthor object

This brief essay is written in defense of Witchcraft (not just African Witchcraft), and any other apparently “primitive”,  “repulsive”, “uncivilized”, “noninstitutionalized” forms of Magick and Spirituality, especially, as explored and practiced by apparently “primitive” cultures, some consciously deviant, free-thinking and or otherwise curious human beings in our day and time. These systems of faith have been under attack, in the face of mainstream, popular and predominantly western systems –the Abrahamic faiths being the worst culprits, and yet, to many of those who engage in them, especially we as native Africans still in touch with our ancient, collective unconscious, they hold the same or even more potency than what mainstream systems can offer.

This essay is not an attack on mainstream faiths, but is instead an exploration of the principles that might help see to a more harmonious, more liberal and more progressive co-existence of the many faiths and spiritual systems – old and new; how and why we need to embrace a bold new world, in which spiritual diversity is not only tolerated, but greatly encouraged, without fear and without favor.

Let's Walk and Talk... Philosophy!

Let's Walk and Talk... Philosophy!

by BookAuthor object

All man's progress (and occassionally, his downfall), starts with a thought. This is the single reason why thinking - right thinking - is such a critical thing to mankind. Thinking on its own is adorable, but when employed in the pursuit of Truth, is the most remarkable faculty posssessed by mankind.

It is thinking, applied in this manner, that we call Philosophy, and far from the constraints of formal debates, dull classes or tense sermons, philosophy has been (and is still) practised and enjoyed by men and women of all kinds; from way back, when man first questioned the relevance of keeping a wolf about him instead of chasing it off, to this present moment -  as you probably ponder whether it makes sense to allow this volume to engage your thinking capacity for the next couple minutes or days... or whether it's easier and preferable give-in to the temptation of ignoring Truth.

Think about it, don't you really want to find out more? Ask more questions? Question the answers and counter-answers? Compare competing "truths" or just discard all pretensions to truth and just seek the Truth? And what is Truth anyways?

Why not join us, take a long walk, as we talk and think, about some very important questions, so we can finally sit down or jump (in surrender or celebration), when we finally stumble upon the Truth! Truth, when finally possessed, sets you FREE and EMPOWERS YOU. Come, let's walk...