Holding the Sunrise

by Joseph Kimbugwe scribe bio

Published by NuScribes (nuscribes.com) on Mon 08 Feb, 2016 |

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A collection of lovely poems by the Nu Scribe Joseph Kimbugwe.

The Song Her Mama Sang for Her

She is alone and frightened.
A young African girl.
A waning light in the dark;
A true citizen of a wrong place;
A real burden to self;
An embodiment of depression;
An accurate identity of resentment.

She is all diseased and dying,
All famished and yawning,
Both her future and present,
Squashed and disappearing.
She is deserted and quaking.

She glimpses into the future
Laden with impossible possibilities.

Amidst indignity and morose,
She remembers a song.
Not a song sung on a merry-go-round,
But a song her mama sang for her
On days like this.
A song meant to rekindle hope
When there’s none left.

With the last specks of energy
Still left in her frail spirit,
She sings the song her mama sang for her.
With legs strewn with scars
Of past ingloriousness,
She gets up to limp on ahead
Like a blind man groping
Into the world of nothingness.

At first she sings with a low spirit.
The song her mama sang for her
Wakes up her dying soul.
She sings the song with passion;
Every note and every pitch and rhythm,
Blowing breath into her numbed lungs,
Creating a rebirth.
A new life is born
By a song of a mother
To her woe-stricken child.

She opens her eyes to see a new world.

She now sings for the tuxedoed
In big theatres and operas.
The world is too small for her name.
Her present is a fat shadow
Of her dismal past.
When she sings,
The world sings along.
The future for her is laden with gifts
As she was promised in the song
Her mama sang for her.



To Not Bury the Hatchet

The genesis of its life;
Inadvertent step on the toe.
The little dark seed is planted;
A spark starts a fire.
An enemy is born.
The valley of the shadow 
Of unforgiveness;
A fiery way for hatred
Roasts dark
The heart borne out of purity
Of the creator.
Desperateness to kill
Metamorphoses the pious.
A sword is wielded
By the hand
Of the new-borne
Into the dark kingdom
To do the avoidable -


My fading self surrenders
To my worst fear.
My wasted body,
Cold like a lifeless stone
In the starless night.

My heart's beating
Has started to stop.
My eyes have closed
To see a new horizon.
The blood in my iced veins
Has taken its last trip!

A force so unspeakable
Sucks me out of my numbed body;
In total surrender I yield.
Like a dove, I soar
Into the vast still damp air
To go on a journey
Beyond the clouds!


I steadily rise
Towards beckoning stars.
Smoothly I slip out of existence.
A gazillion spirits wait to take me.
Their muffled voices
Calling me by name!

I leave mundane pains behind
Like a blind bat
Vacating a wrecked ship
As I glide into
Eternal abyss!

A new dimension beckons.
A new day has come
I must glide out of me
To go on a journey
Beyond the clouds!

I Am a Woman

I am a woman,
Oh! Yes I am.
You say I am just that;
Just a woman.
But I say
No muscles than mine
Are tougher!
I am a woman

I know,
Oh! Yes I know
You are afraid,
Of the elephantine name
I make you cringe
Because my name is a name
Of a woman!

The fire in my eyes
The swing in my waist
The mystery in my smile
The stars in my style
The span of my hips
The stride of my step
The curl of my lips...
I am a wonder of sorts!

I am not afraid,
I am indomitable
I am unconquerable
I am impregnable
I am made of steel
I am pretty and I know it
I know I am a woman!


I saw Him,

The man I killed;

Wrapped in shame and pain;

Dejected and rejected by His own!

Surrounded by a vicious brood of vipers

Their vile tongues

Ululating doom;

Profaning the Holy of holies,

Blaming Him for innocence!


We saw Him,

The man we killed

A huge tree on His back;

Scathed and battered like a thief!

See how He stumbles and falls.

A sad sight!

Globules of Holy blood

Dropping on unholy ground,

Soaking the desert dust;

Sacredness mingling with profanity!

An indescribable spectacle!


See Him;

The man you and I killed!

See how they disrobe Him,

Exposing impaled flesh;

Dust, splinters and blood on His back.

A sight too awful for words.

His garments peeled off,

To expose nakedness that reveals perfect love

Of a father for His children.


Willingly He lies

On a wooden beam!

Passionate to trade His life with mine!

Lovingly He spreads His arms on wood.

Nails so sharp

Tear through the wrists

Of the Saviour of nations!

Pain throbbing through

His arms and legs!

Holy blood gushing from all sides

Of the body of the Saviour of men!


We see Him,

A man who fills our eyes

With swamps of tears,

 Even as His head hungs

In total acceptance to death,

He still looks beautiful!

For He trades His life for mine!


Hardly knowing what we did

We killed him!

You killed him!

I killed Him!  


There she lays;

A small halo over her head;

Her tiny hands clasped

Like in silent prayer

To pray for daddy and mummy.

She opens her unseeing timid eyes

 To look into daddy’s staring eyes.

The soft pounding in her chest

Let’s daddy know that she’s scared;

Scared of new things around her.

But she needn’t be afraid

Because daddy is here

Right by her side!

She lights up her angelic face

With a fragile smile.

A smile that warms daddy’s big heart

And let’s daddy know

That she’s daddy’s little Princess!


Grant me, O Lord

A heart with the strength of Samson

To break the barriers of indifference

To the needs of my neighbor;


A mind with the Wisdom of Solomon

To identify those who hate me

So that I can love them more;


A soul with the courage of David

To see beyond my wellbeing

To foster the happiness of my neighbor;


The lips that laugh

Along with my enemies,

A tongue that never tires

Of telling the truth,

And the eyes that see your Will

In everything around me. 


You went too soon

To take the road

That’s prepared for all to take.


A great wall is now built

Between us.

The distance is too long

And the silence is too loud.

Where you left me,

I live by your words.

The cherished memories of you,

Telling me to push beyond my limits.


You have known the song

In my heart

And sang it back to me

Except you sing it

In a different tone.


You always broke the wall

I had built around me.

I stand tall

Because your undying

Love for me

Gives me comfort.


I feel never alone

When my thoughts are

Occupied by the longing

To see you again!


My son,

When you grow up

To be like your father,

Don’t remember the things,

We, your fathers, did.

They choked your father’s society



To us, your fathers,

Hatred is kinder than love!

We only learnt to wear a smile

But not to smile.


My son,

We shake hands

With the right hand in the daylight

While the left hand

Wields a hammer

To clobber each other’s head in the dark.


For us,

Guns and daggers

Are cheaper than flowers and doves.

We learnt by heart how to say,

“Come, dine with me”,

But not how to mean it.


To us,

The hand that receives

Is quicker than the one that gives.


Pride and lust


Your father’s heart of meat.

The venom of envy and spite

Poisoned and killed the virtue

Of affection in the hearts

Of your fathers.

We learnt to love with the head

But not with heart


Don’t remember these things, my son!


When the brilliance

Of the sparkling stars in the skies of the night

Keeps nightmares away

From the sleep in my eyes;


When the soporific light

Of the moon in the night

Speaks to me in a voice so gentle

And bids me “Goodnight”;


When the splendor

Of the rising sun in the morn

Stirs the joy in my heart

And satisfies my yearning;


When the song

Of the birds in their hiding

Mingles with the rhythm

Of my heartbeat to produce music

So rewarding;



When the fragrance

Of the blossoming flowers in their dewy prime

Kisses my dying spirit

With the kiss of life;


When the trees in the jungle,

In sweet unison, dance in a gentle graceful sway

Soothes my wounded soul;

Then I know that

I and nature are one!


The bottle is my life;

I shall not want.

It makes me down to lie

In other men’s houses

And makes me forget my own.

It takes the troubles

Of my miserable life

Away from where

I can see them

And restores my lost happiness.

Though I walk through

The shadow of the darkness cast on my eyes

I fear no evil, for it is thus with me

As my defender and companion.

It anoints my head with things

I can’t remember in the morning.

For its love for me and my love for it

Comforts me all the days of my life.



Is this it?

Is this what love to you is?