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Not capable of occurring or being accomplished or dealt with

Totally unlikely

(of a person) very annoying or difficult to deal with

Something that cannot be done

Sounds familiar? Well, perhaps you are in for a little suprise, or you are about to start relating...

Third Eye

O Really?


Close your eyes...

Now see what you couldn't see!

Message Not Delivered?

I've not seen her in a long time!

She needs to know this right now!

Damn, I have no battery!

I can't afford the postage stamp.

I wrote the letter,

Put her name on it

Then burnt it, spreading the ashes with the wind...

"Damn! How did she find out!"

I God, The Creator...

On this blank slate

I now manifest,

Into this reality


That was, but a thought, before.

Drinking of the Flames

She wants to cook, but has no flame!

She walks outside

She turns to the Sun

She breathes

She's filled with fire

She goes back into the shadows

She's bright as a star, hotter than coals.

The Midas Touch?

We are Gods

Anything we touch

Turns to Gold.

One, Two, Three, Zero or Infinite Gods?

She was born into the faith

She was taught of the One God

Then Three Gods in One

Then one day, she got frustrated

But, while on the road, she met a dualist master

Who taught her, that it's not 3, but 2 Gods in One

A God for Good, and a God for evil

She was happy for a while, but soon got frustrated, again.

What of the God of rain, the sun, the dark, the moon, pluto, etc?

She gazed in the mirror, and then wondered

What of Me?

Then, she was illuminated!

Forever free

She would spend the rest of her empowered life

Freely switching between them on-demand

An Infinity of Gods

Including herself!

Liberation indeed.