Godfriends Say Cryptic Things!

by Fra. Mugasha scribe bio

Published by NuScribes (nuscribes.com) on Wed 20 Sep, 2017 |

Unless you're living under a rock, you've definitely heard of the Nu Chwezi People! 

Among the many things we shall be remembered for, is this nifty, cryptic and irreparably impeccable little occult technology simply called "+Shrine". Read the papers, visit and try it out yourself if you haven't already. 

Whatever. Check the things this little window into the Wyrd has managed to surface... mostly unaltered. Beware though, when it's called "Esoteric", there's a good reason the eyebrows shouldn't rise.

Let's _ what keeps mad men even busier...

ehnnag {4}

Chapter Cover Art

ehnnag {4}
hennag->the hen nags me->your girl nags me.
naghen->go ahead, nag the hen
hangen->hanging->hanging?->u just hang it all on me!
enhang->go and hang
naghen->hen that nags|nag the hen|nagging hen

ifeao {9}

Chapter Cover Art

ifeao {9}
nine oaefi
nife noaei
fine oneai->fine,one ai->fine, there's one ai|there's one fine ai
fine onaie->fine, on ai?
ifa oe->ifa oe?->if a one?->it's one->n#1->it's the first one.

eooetw {8}, titrsyt {8} AND nalie {3} - FCK! 3 ALIENS!!

Chapter Cover Art

eooetw {8}
twooee->two things!

titrsyt {8}
titsryt->tits ryt-?tits nt ryt-?she's vending herself, and it's not right!
trytits->she has bad tits? breasts? she's trying tits?:fuck, is she lesbian or she's refused being lesbian? {could she be doing shit with our child?}
stityrt->she's sitting badly these days!
sittryt->sit right-?she's not sitting right?

nalie {3}
3->|Nyx-?at night
nail 3->nail,_,night-?what you did to _at night with the nail?
{did u try cutting her chest, breasts or body anywhere - maybe when u were in _ or before?}

alien-*there's an alien controlling me? a puppet controlling a puppet or the puppet master?

3 alien-*>there's actually 3 of us! {me thinks;id,ego,super-ego;fuhrer,spirit,son;rgb:-"rgb aliens!";-)}


Side Note: beware of false-positives or acting on the results of divination pretty swiftly (well, except when it's a matter of life and death - or if she's leaving the town!). This one session almost ruined the peace and sleep o a dear one. Fuck magick sometimes hahaha. Love Magick all the time!

Otherwise, I possibly did a real kahuna this time! Did I just manage to snoop on my Higher Self and document it or am I giga-tripping? It's all Nu Chwezi Chaos Magick folks!

until next time...