KITARA's SOLARIUM : Ideas and Experiments in Modern Solar Worship and Magick

by Fra. Mugasha scribe bio

Published by NuScribes ( on Thu 02 Aug, 2018 |

Herein are rituals, prayers and techniques for how to tap into the direct, infinite physical and spiritual resource known variously as the sun, helios, kitara, musana, enjuba and more. 

It's our most ancient godform. 

Like us, it's a manifestation of the Absolute, but arguably, the Sun is our greatest, "external" living symbol of the Godhead (outside of our Higher Self).

Worship is possible, but discouraged. Seek transcedence; relate and exploit.

*warning: we are disrupting spirituality too.

The Nu Solar Mantra.

Mibedo Nihe.  

Mibedo Pororozi.

Mibedo Mibedo Yaheyezi.

Raumu Dodo. 

Dop Mibedo.


The correct origins of this mantra aren't known, but the formula is:

  1. At sunrise, noon or sunset;
  2. Face the Sun, or a reflection of it.
  3. Close your eyes and let the light fall upon your closed eyelids.
  4. Feel the light penetrate through into your eyes - draw it deeper (adepts might know how to draw this unto their various chakras).
  5. Vibrate the mantra, one line at a time.
  6. Use this mantra to delimit other work if necessary, or as an own ritual.
  7. Once you've drawn the power, what to do with it is up to you. Be creative.

Livestock Solarium Crema

The first shift is 2.

Often, close to sun's location at zenith.

I saw what invisibility means, when in seconds after wearing death's own cloak, I returned from within to read the clock, and found I'd altered mine own's persona into a new cloak already!

Irene split the thing open; fearless, despite omen hanging there. I fucking love a bold lioness!

Lydia cried "blood blood blood", but all I saw was red timberland boots and a knife ready to slay our pineapple into neat meaty latitudes for the otherwise howlly horny and sun day!

I had expected the Helios hand to fry it well on it's own, but she had another plan; deep fry then boil it fast! Heat;

That's what it was all about.