On Rape, Egypt and Nu Satanic Thought

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Published by NuScribes (nuscribes.com) on Wed 08 Nov, 2017 |

This little publication currates my thoughts on a matter of "global proportions" - Egyptian girls flashing their naked bodies, and the men, wanting to rape them on spot. Warning: this is a very thorny domain - ethics in the hands of a brutal pragmatic, ultilitarian liberal relativist (not sure what that means to you though...).

What sparked this? A bold, ground-shuttering Egyptian Lawyer (or that persona).

Criticism and Analysis of the Matter

Going by what some "more different" strains of Satanism argue for, Current 218 being an example; it is more satanic to let such animalistic deviations as rape or incest flourish given the prevailing circumstances. I will explain.

At first, this might seem irrational (even to you), but analyzing this with knowledge of the biological nature of humans, the reason the girls are exhibiting their sexuality and especially their flesh, is because their more primitive computer - the limbic system - the one choosing and controlling their behavior and signaling, chooses this sort of lurid strategy as the best given available data and social pressure; show more flesh, better chances of survival and reward.

The girls and their mothers have mostly lost it - they can only contemplate or navigate their wellbeing via sexual exploitation or manipulation. Yep, in more ways than not, we are regressing, but that's not necessarily wrong or evil- it's chaos unfolding. Some, more inclined to judge ideas, might argue that this sort of thing is what's wrong with our culture, but again, there's also the matter of contagion and memes (mostly, by we, the elite, that sought to kill the old era via perversion and the celebration of indulgence). It's working, but killing us too.

Without being rude, imagine just how many women are willing or ready (in all honesty), to naturally exist in an environment which forces them to act and think like men. Emancipation is a joke, right? But then again, a try at transcending the limits of our predecessors is what keeps the best of us motivated to keep living. To others, it's all accidents and mystery - we could just ride it.

So, it looks like, to the majority of them nowadays, the flashing of more flesh, might be a better strategy given the sheer amount of competition (for both attention and mates) that the modern human female must put up with. Yes, I have a daughter that's growing up, and the future worries me in that regard.

People seem to be getting more brutish and incivil in our era, but actually, what's happening is that we are becoming more animal than human. Blame ourselves? God? Allah? Rome or Bavaria? Or perhaps, thanks to the invention of the tube and modern schools of propaganda?

Or maybe we should point fingers at liberalism (intellectual, spiritual and cultural) and the immediate, inevitable collective reaction to the state of affairs over the last 2 millennia - mostly in the West (from where the best marketing teams originated).

Fuck. The Penis and the Vagina. Two basic organs and the ideology around them, not their biology, chemistry or physics, have caused the species more problems than pleasures since God knows when! See the naked point?

Ethnobiology and the zeitgeist are always related, in my opinion. The genesis of contraception, lower mortality rates and better living standards are also important to think of. Next time you worry about spiritual or cultural issues, also think of the underlying natural forces at play. I think this is bigger than is being assumed.

Lastly, aren't we at a crossroads already? Or have we long taken the wrong turn?

NOTE: these views are the views of a scholar of modern satanic/liberal thought. 

A Critique of the Atheist and Blind Liberal

Check this...

This is what religion does to people. Warps their minds so they think it is worse to wear revealing clothing than be a rapist. This turd admitted that he is a potential rapist, and worse one who encourages other to rape innocent women.

That is why all educated people should reject religion and make no excuses for it, no matter how liberal their political views.

It's not religion as such. I beg to differ.

We have torn apart the essence of what it means to be human. We are more occupied with appearances than ever before - imagine the effort we as a collective have poured into civilizing the species. But, could we say we've failed everywhere? Definitely not.

In terms of fashion though, we are not even past the point of "meh". Wait. It's coming. Some people will chose to walk naked. It's fine. The consequences of an action aren't directly eminent when you only focus on the simple stuff - your feelings and biases. We are talking about entire cultures here!

Propaganda. It's gotten so much sweeter. NEWS -- fuck news. But we can't all be absorbed in thought and actual living - many have to toil to keep balance. It's Chaotic, but seemingly ordered. There's also lots of forces to blame - including Satan ovkos.

Proposed Solution: Let a zillion faiths prevail - more diversity isn't harmful - let nature/reality do the pruning. Many are going to see through the bullshit; we are gods. 

The seeing of naked flesh might trigger pleasure in one person, pain in another, and to another, totally the semblance of nothing - indifference, it's a virtue only the initiated can possess. Can u initiate the masses? Very daunting, but perhaps, they can be directed. Who's to decide? The masses again?