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One of the key aims of NuChwezi, as a school of thought especially, is building and catalyzing sustainable development in humans, via essential Magick, Art and Science (MAS) - or said colorfully, "Sacred Mathematics" and its application. 

In this booklet is highlighted this Nu Curriculum, founded on 3 essential areas of study and practice, which, when taken together, comprise a full curriculum essential for one to be considered a Fully Developed Human.

This is essential education for a Nu World.

2018/Nu 2 -- NUCHWEZI ESOTERIC SCHOOL (General 6-6-6 Curriculum): MAS/ASM/SMA/AMS/MSA/SAM

MAGICK: Theory and Practice in Active Imagination - Generating or Originating Ideas (Geniuses, Gods and Innovators)

  1. Basics about the nature of the mind as per modern psychology.
  2. Imagination as a key element of the mind.
  3. Understanding Imagination as a type of Active Memory.
  4. How to use the Imagination for Problem Solving - Creative Thinking
  5. How to enter, explore and exit imaginary worlds properly.
  6. Practical Magick.

ART: Theory and Practice in Expressing Ideas - Writing (Constructors, Workers and Writers)

  1. Basics about the relative nature of light, space and information.
  2. Communication as the core function of Art.
  3. Communicating FOR ALL The Senses.
  4. Communicating FOR ALL PEOPLE.
  5. Architecture/Building Things, as the ultimate form of Art/Expression.
  6. Practical Art.

SCIENCE: Theory and Practice in the Scientific Method - Systematic Learning (Observers/Reporters/Analysts)

  1. Basics about generic learning - observe, extract patterns, summarize, apply, iterate.
  2. The Scientific Method - observe, hypothesize, test, conclude, communicate, iterate.
  3. Using tools (machines) to extend the senses and faculties of observation, recall and analysis.
  4. Observation, Data & Analysis as the essence of scientific learning.
  5. Artificial Intelligence - machines/automatons serving their creator.
  6. Practical Science.