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Book Cover Art

LANGUAGE. That's what it's all about - Which is the ORIGINAL? Depends on the READER - You, The Observer. Reality can totally be warped, just by warping Language! Go on, Try It! Try randomly shuffling the letters of your name, and see what you find therein!! Well, because you are... a human?

This book though, is about another kind of language - formal and especially machine languages. That's all that computers are about - language modelled, simulated and observed, executed!

Isn't this what everything is? Models, Simulations and Observations. Interesting!

Well, check this Art. It's called Source Code. A Very Very Ancient Art, known to the Ancient One.


Chapter Cover Art

Very Very Very Important Information to Possess, in this NuChwezi Era.

Love, from the Cyber-Shamman, AK1N.


Var a = 1;

Var b = 2;

Var c = 3;




Var _ = a;

Through Declaration.

Modern ART.

Chapter Cover Art

Executable, sometimes even chaotic, art; SOURCE CODE.

Language of God.


They look like things you know

They evoke things you don't know

They look like things you learnt

They invoke things you will


I've seen some write them

Fewer seem to understand their real power


Others only heard of them

Where they came from?


A fire was lit

A light descended from above

We were there, two of us

Many others, invisible, but there.


I pulled out the book

Blue it was

I started to write, 

Write I did, fascinated, thrilled, awed!

I took it all down, 





by letter.


Strange glyphs.

I knew I'd stumbled upon something really sublime

She was there to see these things take form

Blue, and many other colors too.


It's a blessing.

A message from beyond

A key

A strange thing, manifest in a place we used to call home.


If I could tell a man this-

That a language descended unto us from without

I doubt he'd believe of this.

But, doubt they might

I have seen things no living soul can believe.



Her language has come.

My job, more than others, is to teach and spread it,

As we sip on natural teas, coffees and drink divine soups.