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This workbook, holds some important notes and lectures used in delivering some of the classes at the online and offline classes of NuChwezi Esoteric School (NES). If you aren't attending the classes, be careful with some of the practical notes - only attempt things under supervision, and when you understanding what it is you are doing.

Basic Meditation : Introduction


A: First, make sure you mean this. Next, Learn to Meditate.

The longer answer follows...


It has to be by your will and efforts, otherwise it can't work. 

First. I need to teach you about meditation.

It's basically an essential first step, so u can learn to let go of other things, and focus on one thing for example.

Wasting attention wastes spiritual power. So, putting attention on the right things, likewise increases spiritual power/efficiency.

The first practical lesson I will give u then, involves learning to focus on the most important thing in your physical life: your breath.

Lesson: Learn to Meditate by Learning to Focus on Your Breathing Only.

  1.  Sit or stand or lie in a comfortable position where you can stay without interruption for about 30min.
  2. Close your eyes.
  3. Spend the next 30 min doing nothing but silently counting the number of times you are breathing.

(E.g breathe in, pause, breathe out, pause. Count 1.... breathe in, p. breathe out, p., count 2,... until when u reach say 100. Then start again from 1. Do this, until when 30min are over)

Do this basic exercise 2 times per day at first. E.g very early in the morning, and then again in the evening.

I prefer to follow the Sun. U can do the same.

I will need to look at your records for this exercise, after a week of constant practice.

Every time u practice, record the date, time, time spent practicing, location, your thoughts and feelings during the practice.

I am going to make a simple app for you, that allows u to record this information, so that you can do it with your phone.

Also, this will allow me to follow your progress easily.

After mastering this basic technique, you shall be well equipped to talk with your God in a more powerful way - via ritual.

For the app where you'll record your results, install the NuChwezi App, on the Google Play Store. After installing, I'll tell you what to do next...

  1. Welcome to the world of people who dream/learn and create/get things done ☀☆
  2. If you haven't already, please INSTALL THE APP
  3. After installation, go to the settings (via menu), and click on "Subscription Channels", then add a new channel to subscribe to, by entering the value: "|NES-NNN" (where "NNN is a code given you by your teacher).
  4. Then go back to the menu, and click "Manage Personas"
  5. Then click the "REFRESH" button to check for and automatically install apps from all channels you have subscribed to
  6. Look for the app with the name "MEDITATION EXERCISE", and tap on the name, so that it opens the app's description section.
  7. Click on "Activate", to load that app into the NuChwezi Engine.
  8. Then press back button on your phone, and start using the newly loaded app/persona, to record your data.
  9. After entering data on the app, you will see two buttons - "SAVE" and "SEND" -- if you are working without internet connection, click "SAVE" -- you can later send your saved data when you have a connection. Otherwise, if you have an active internet connection, click "SEND" after entering all required fields on the app.
  10. Later on, I shall teach you how to browse and analyze your submitted data yourself.
  11. If you manage to do all the above, you shall be SURE TO SUCCEED (in MAGICK).


I'll be watching your progress, and will help you, if you are ready and willing to help yourself.


Creating Your Altar

To be able to do anything worthwhile with magick, you need to have an anchor of power. These anchors are basically anything that you can use as a point of focus, while you go about your ritual. In more pragmatic language, it's your point of reference while you do the work.

Unlike what tradition says, the nature of an altar is entirely up to you, the worker/seeker. Here is where being creative unlocks real power - only you know best, what symbols or combinations of them, have the power to move something inside of you. 

Inside you, not outside of you, is where the anchor needs to cause the first spark, anything external from that moment onwards, is but the afterglow or after-effects of the spark thus ignited. The altar must always possess a flame, if you walk the path of Akin.

Numbers serve to guide us about the intricate, near mystical nature of reality - a reality which, without numbers, can be anything but comprehensible. You need numbers. 

Your Altar shall be designed, and shall be composed in such a way that it symbollizes the KEY NUMBERS in your life or the present work. When in doubt, a stable formula is to work with trinities - they are stable in the hands of most workers.

A basic design is this:

  1. Seek 3 stones, and place them such that they form a triangle.
  2. Add a candle to the triangle.
  3. Sit still, and meditate before the triangle, your attention upon the naked flame.

Don't Forget This: The Altar is a part of you, and completes you while you do the work. Keep it sacred, and your work shall be blessed. Abuse it, and you shall likewise be abused.

Go on and design one, share with me what you manage to create. I shall guide you unto the next steps.