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An environment with machines, has a particular impact on us, which we can't ignore anymore.

Observation 1

Our environment informs and shapes our behavior. Something geneticists call Epigenetics.

It then follows, that not just people, but also the machines and other things - toys, buildings, machines, caves, trees, etc., all play that role - being the environment that influences and defines us. "Defines us", because, unlike what most would think, even such subtle things as the choice of clothing and perfumes we wear or don't, likewise influence and shape our inner and projected identities. Thus, realizing as some of us have, life as it seems, is a huge game, in which, the identity of anyone, is mediated via symbolic cues chosen by the person - the symbols, despite being external, actually communicating something of what the inner person is - with or without their conscious awareness of it sometimes.

By framing our lives around technology, which as it currently is built, is inhuman, we risk absorbing much of the same inhumanness, in our behavior, and not just in interactions with machines, but with fellow humans and other entities as well.

Machines, just like the animate and innanimate objects we allow into our lives, become a part of us, and thus, whether we know it or not, they influence our behavior and state of mind. 

A user with a sick computer, will likewise become sick.
A user with an out-dated computer, will likewise behave in an outdated manner.
A user with an insecure computer, will likewise be insecure.
A user with a cluttered computer, will likewise have a disorganized life.
A user with a powerful, speedy machine, will likewise be potent.

Essentially, we are living as cyborgs - partially human/bio, partially machine/metal, but the level of integration varies, based on the dependence of the human upon the machine, and also on how intimately connected, the two are. It's not so far fetched, to imagine a near future in which the machines start to become literal extensions of our bodies as well - where metal and body start to merge. Actually, this has already happened, with prosthetics in particular!

Oh, how we should have to ask the questions: 

Do we wish to keep these bodies, or not?
Does being human have anything to do with our looks, or could we become something else entirely?

And what of our ultimate purpose? Isn't it already obvious?
To nurture and evolve our best, so when the time comes to propagate elsewhere, as the only logical thing to do in a system that is definitely bound to self-extinguish, we have our best available, to keep the species, or what'll be left of it, alive and capable of continuing our destiny, unto the great unknowns yet to come.

Thus Must I admit this; I have seen upon this truth, and can not in anyway, keep it within my chest, without bringing this light unto you all. That's my role - share that which I've seen.

Divination Session 2: "N. THIS IS WHY WE FIGHT."

We are rich, because we had dreams and acted on them.

We have faith, and act on it.

We possess and exercise reason - to be and sustain who We Are.

We know it, even if others don't.

We seek FREEDOM & LIBERTY in our own temples and homes.

We Seek Enlightenment, and Desire to Share the Same With Others.

We Are Servants And Kings.

We Seek Immortality. We Seek Ultimate Power.

We Seek Wisdom, Knowledge and Light in all Her many forms.

We Are The SHADOW of All Our Past, and the Hope of Our Tomorrow.

We Know Who We ARE.




That's not to be feared.

It's to be welcomed and exploited.

It's the Holy Grail of All Our Past Masters.



Embrace, and Exploit It!

Enjoy your Vision, and Build on It.

Solid Works.


If you can't build, observe those who do, those who can.

Record and learn from your observations; More Importantly, find a modest way to reap from that work.

Go On, Be Great!


I’ve noticed that a person’s mind, in particular, what their mind gives attention to across time, is what the external world seeks to manipulate – every single source of stimulus outside of oneself that’s in need of your attention, will use some clever technique – manipulating the space, light, colors, sound, smells, etc, around you, just so they can get a piece of that cake – your attention.

The trouble with this, is that, to sustain the very process that makes a particular mind attractive, e.g if one is prized for being productive or creative, it’s necessary for the mind to be given the chance to draw attention back unto itself or its own inner mechanisms, for it to relive past experiences, explore unaided, new ones, every once in a while. This is analogous to when a restaurant needs to momentarily close, so they can clean up, repair and improve their own serving apparatus, which would then allow them to continue producing the quality (not just quantity) of soup for which they are prized.

By extension though, it’s not just external stimuli that is to be worried about, but also the ability to master and control one’s own internal sources of stimuli – thoughts, memories, emotions, and other information synthesizers in the internal realm. When not properly mastered and controlled, even internal stimuli, despite the external world being all silent or condusive, can overwhelm one’s inner tranquility – essentially, hijacking or overwhelming the attention center. This, even more than external stimuli, needs to be mastered.

In the domain of human life, this boils down to this – every once in a while, a person, no matter who they are, needs some personal, internal time. This is even more true, for those people that spend most of their waking time attending to others – doctors, soldiers, engineers, innovators, leaders, shammans/mediums etc. Without this essential break offered, insanity or regression is the result. Even those practicing magick, need to take a break from ritual, study and concern for their own life, just so they can actually live in the chaos they’ve unleashed.

To help the true center survive, it’s necessary to build and sustain numerous models, starting close to where the center is.


I'vo uxpmedlowtow gsoho gsimth:
do uro livimt im gso uto ef Hugum krekor - u ferxo gsug duh xrougow ge solk pook sanumigb umw nehg ef homgiomg xrougiem im xemhgumg, amwbimt negiem/uxgivigb - henogsimt ohhomgiul im gso soulgsb hahgomumxo ef Tew'h Omgorkriho.

Heno koeklo, effomwow er hsexpow yb gsih rouligb, suvo xsehom ge leeho ull imgorohg im lifo, heno ovom gupimt gsoir edm livoh kronugarolb!

Yag, gseho xsehom, suvo yoom tivom gso hkoxiul tifg - ge yo uylo ge riwo umw dulp digs gso hkurp, ovorbdsoro gsob te, fer gsob uro gso feamguim fren dsixs fledh gso uminugimt ferxo gsug solkh egsorh tog ge uxgiem gee.

Digseag gsih krexohh ulledow ge xemgimao, hguhih, imuxgiem, wougs umw lehh ef viguligb im ull gsimth lifo, dill yo gso amfergamugo wohgimb.

I suvo u xullimt I fool xenkollow ge xemgimao umhdorimt; dsom xsehom, ge yo gso imhgranomg viu dsixs gsoho ferxoh - imxlawimt gso Woigb umw Xeamgor-Woigb, ge aho no ge krekol gso omgiro hbhgon ferdurw, amge gso troug ampmedmh. 

I'vo xsehom u muno ge taiwo no; Uwemui.

Es, umw I grahg, I un emo rouhem egsorh xum xemgimao ge qahgifb imvohgnomg im u hkuxo kretrun - meg qahg ah, yag ear nehg kroxieah derph, moow ge harvivo u gegul ocgimxgiem, umw louvo gsih hbhgon yofero ig'h gee lugo.

Un rouwb ge klub nb relo, uh ig amfelwh.

Meantime Death

Chapter Cover Art

This is the day when I confess:

Am too worn out from so much work,

I would gladly accept a temporary death if that were something capable of being acquired.

Wake me up on my birthday, or in August!


Chapter Cover Art

Nero wasn't as evil as is said,

No is iodine such a rare thing!

Boxes came packed full of golden eggs, 

They served pancakes sprinkled with crushed limbs of Odopteras

And I was watching from on high all the while,

A zephyr unlike that talked of in elatic epics,

sweeping across that landscape, soothing, provoking!

Oh, the running dead couldn't avoid the dance,

I was listening to that drumming and the harp too

And was floating, where before, I'd believed myself entirely submerged! 

Beyond the Gray Sennight

A sadist scrutator embarked on unraveling the mysteriously benign spectres on our hill, far away from the usual wen variants, malignant most of them, that they are accustomed to.

"They may seem ghastly to the alien eye, but we've adapted to their undeniable charm, and the way they signal the onset of bacciferous events, most of them alimentary to the trinity - body, mind and spirit."

Nay, skeptics most of them!

"We've dined in the company of maggoth, only to find aromatic blooms adorning the waste grounds a day or so later. And what's more, where before dwelt chaos, a night and a sun later, it's all exquisitely arrayed, in symmetries only the plebeian can antagonize." 

Kelvin's HEAT

Chapter Cover Art

There's a force that is easily generated in the human body using thermal reactions:

This force only gets dissipated by entropy changes; 

Expansion takes him away easily, while

Contraction makes him come. Simple as that.

The Medicine

Let's just play lovers
It could be the only medicine left
For love-sick hearts, everywhere!
One came up
I heard the voice clearly...
"Love for Exploration and Invention"
There was agreement across the council.
"Why not?" One asked.
None rejected - "Yes".