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The only thing I wonder is;

Why haven't they contacted me directly yet?

SETI - I thought we all are contributing to it?

That aside, I've acknowledged these things;

I still need to meet Bill Gates in person, and give my explanation and apologies for not wanting to pay the license fees remotely, but in person!

Edge rhymes with me, but then, why doesn't it render our Shrines well?

All my source belongs to thee Lord!

Okay, am glad you've secured these works, and made it possible that others will enjoy these securely too - the cains that is; gits, forks and certs!

Fuck. When not drinking javas, it'll always be cafes with windows! Great and full, yeah!

. cat and load...




They are databases.

This, here is my mind,

Eat of It.

Oh! Yes

MIT is Meat of It


Reading, we then savor it,

Some books being more ancient than others,

They are more potent databases than most!

Why Philosophy over Technology?

Philosophy can generalize and apply any idea - technology related or not.

Philosophy can identify and develop eternal ideas, whereas most ideas and applications in technology are only temporal - they can easily change or become useless with change in society or location.

Philosophy develops and equips one with the highest of skills and abilities a person can wish for - the systematic use of their higher faculties - reason, understanding and more - things a person can use again and again irrespective of their age or role in society.