by NX

Published by NuScribes ( on Wed 29 Aug, 2018 |

What is love? Let's find out...

Incessant Bond

It was the road to spotless faith

And he was with her; they walked with hands interlocked.

Eternal walk, or paths trod by those from days long gone

"If I kiss you, you'll be I"

They laughed and joked as that feeling intensified

It wasn't their destination, they forked;

Big other home, silent and chaste, and they invaded!

"No body home, it's all ours!"

Someone was there, but they were too asleep to recon

She trusted his deviance, she'd waited for that moment all her life...

Inside, the room most unprepared for them

She asked for what'd been awaiting them all those years...

He held her passionately, and that embrace changed everything!

What a mystery to imbue with flesh!

After melting and savoring the moment, albeit tens of minutes later, it was it.

Love relieved, lust dethroned at last, and yes... 

They looked into each others eyes, aware of the strangeness of it all;

"No one could love me this way"

It was a misty affair - explored from places aloft life's many traps, but he was grounded in it, and she wanted him enough to loose her own weight - just so they can fly together.

"It's not just love, but blood that unites us... incessant bonds, impossible to break, even unto death."

Hand in hand, smiles for miles... they walked away unbothered, all their foes long dead and gone.