Book of Wisdom

by Amor Sophia

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This is a book on wisdom - seeking, identifying, using and dispensing wisdom. But first and foremost, it's a book of wisdom, initially blank, but desiring wisdom, and thus by necessity, to be filled by wisdom.

As wisdom freely offers herself to those that seek her, so can't I restrain her to myself, and so I share this wisdom with whomever has a desire for her as well.

Wisdom Sought is Wisdom Found

Wisdom is in the Light

Instantly appearing to all who would love to see her.

She anticipates those who desire her
Making herself known to them, before they even find her.
And so,
With only a blank book and a desire for wisdom
A man is soon made wise.

  • Ws 6:12-14

Empty, but Full...

















Introspection, Noesis and Awareness

All Truth lies waiting, within You

You shall close those eyes soon
Or, you shall open them wide.
Whichever you choose, you shall not see these words anymore
You shall see, not with your eyes
But with the eye of your own mind.

And if you will to unite with the divine
You shall not only see with your own mind,
You shall see with the cosmic mind.

Then shall you see the Truth
Always inside of you.
See no more then...

In the Unknowable Name of God

If you desire to appear wise

Then don't pretend to know that which you don't know.

If you desire to be wise

Then don't pretend to know the Name of God.

If you desire to be truly wise and powerful

Then, whatever you desire to know or be, 

Ask for in the Mysterious, Unknowable Name of God

And you shall not only be wise, but powerful as well.

On Sleep


Though it might seem like sleep is necessary for the health of a man

It is but truer that a man's life is not made during sleep!

For we are born from sleep into waking, so that we might

Awaken that which lies asleep in us.

Thus, if your work or destiny should keep you awake while the rest of the world sleeps

Be grateful for it,

For, each of those waking moments, is more than likely to keep you immortal,

Than an eternity of sleep can ever do.

The Flames

O man, would thou gain wisdom?
Seek for it in the heart of the flame.
Wouldst thou gain knowledge of power?
Seek ye it in the heart of the flame.
Wouldst be one with the heart of the flame?
Seek then within thine own hidden flame.




No, God's not something you play with
Without consequences that is.
I want to understand, unsure I can.

Imagine wanting to Master the Sun
One could definitely get burnt in the process
It happened to Parsons, It could happen to me
It could happen to You.
But, this is not a path for the faint of heart.

We are the kind walking at night where no man ought to
We are the kind whose blood turns black 
For lust of Truth
For the love of Absolute Power
For the Ultimate Exploration
For the lowering of The Veil 
To uncover Absolute Self Awareness
We are the Seekers of the Mysteries
We seek to awaken Divinity dormant inside.

Some get burnt in the process
But, there are those, who only sustain burns
On their certain path to Mastering The Flames.

Brethren, On We Seek,
As the True Will of God Is
Self Awareness.




It can offer protection
But also devour lives
It can cook food
But also torture saints
It can give light
But also produce the darkest smoke
It can offer warmth in the harshest winter
But also drain the life out of flesh
It's arguably man's greatest discovery,

Learn to master the flame

Because all fire comes from God
And God offers both
That which nourishes,
And that which impoverishes.
God begot the flame, so we might use It.

Don't Worship
Don't be a Slave
But learn to use the Flame.

And this flame,
Is already Inside of You




Transcending the Cycles via the Great Work

Mysteries exist of which ye know not.
No consciousness follows the path of those before it,
else all would be repetition and vain.
Each consciousness in the cycle it exists in,
follows its own path to the ultimate goal.
Each plays its part in the Plan of the Cosmos.
Each plays its part in the ultimate end.
The farther the cycle, the greater its knowledge and ability.

Ye know that knowledge is gained only by practice, and
Wisdom comes forth from knowledge, 
And thus are the cycles created by Law.

Know, just as ye are working on greater works,
So above ye are those who are also working as ye are on yet other laws.
The difference that exists between the cycles is only in ability to work with the Law.

The things men count great are nothing to us.
The things we seek are not of the body but are only
The perfected state of the Soul.
When ye as men can learn that nothing but progress of Soul can count in the end,
Then truly ye are free from all bondage,
Free to work in a harmony of Law.

Know, O man, ye should aim at perfection,
For only thus can ye attain to the goal.
Though ye should know that nothing is perfect,
Yet it should be thy aim and thy goal.

All that man is, is because of his wisdom.
All that he shall be, is the result of his cause.
Become greater than common man.
Light thine eyes upward, let Light fill thy being.
Only by effort shall ye grow upward to the plane where Light is the All of the All.
Be ye master of all that surrounds thee.
Never be mastered by the effects of thy life.
Create then, ever more perfect causes
And in time, shalt thou be a Sun of the Light.




Final Words of Thoth

Listen to the voice of Thoth, the Atlantean.
Conquered have I the Law of time-space.
Knowledge have I gained of the future time.
Know I that man in his movement through space-time shall ever be One with the All.

Know ye, O man, that all of the future is an open book to him who can read.
All effect shall bring forth its causes as all effects grew from the first cause.
Know ye the future is not fixed or stable but varies as cause brings forth an effect.

So, O man, be sure the effects that ye bring forth are ever causes of more perfect effects.

Knowledge and wisdom shall all be forgotten, and only a memory of Gods shall survive.
As I to thee am a God by my knowledge, so ye, to shall be Gods of the future because of your knowledge far above theirs.
Yet know ye that all through the ages, man shall have access to Law when he will it.

Guard ye the secrets I leave with thee,
And surely my spirit will guard thee through life.
Keep thine eyes ever on the pathway to wisdom.
The time will come when ye, too, shall be deathless,
Living from age to age a Light among men.
Let not this wisdom be cast to barbarians.
Secret shall though keep it for those who seek Light...
Receive thou my blessing.
Take thou my way and follow the Light.



Adapt, To Conquer & Flourish

The universe is not static, and so is your mind. 

Learn to constantly adapt.


Man is not a machine in the sense that he can consistently maintain the same output of work. He can meet the demands of outer necessity in an ideal way only if he is also adapted to his own inner world, that is, if he is in harmony with himself. Conversely, he can only adapt to his inner world and achieve harmony with himself when he is adapted to the environmental conditions.


If you are at war with your self or your own inner-nature, then you shall soon loose the battle outside as well.

If you only seek peace in the world outside, but not inside your self, then you shall soon loose your self as well.


To the forces inside of your self.

To the forces outside of your self.

And you shall transcend both worlds. 




  • C. Jung, "On Psychic Energy," ibid., par. 75.



True understanding, comes not from a book such as this, but from personal experience and insight - so is it with Zen.

Understanding, and Thinking you Understand, are entirely different, and you can only tell the difference by experiencing True Understanding.

Seek to personally experience whatever it is you wish to understand, even if it's as simple as making the perfect tea, and once you've mastered how True Understanding comes about, so shall you be able to apply this to any other subject.

Personal experience, which begets True Understanding, has no shortcuts - 

Or, the only shortcut to True Understanding is personal experience, and this might take years to manifest correctly.

you need to walk around the long way to realize that there was a shortcut there all the time... in essence, the shortcut you realize, isn’t a shortcut at all and this realization is ... very important.


Zen Garden




Don't Dare Kill, But Forgive Cain and His Children

... I have gotten a man from an angel of the LORD.

After Adam and his wife sinned, and the serpent had intercourse with Eve and injected filth into her, Eve bore Cain. He had the shape from above and from below (the earth)... Therefore, he was the first to bring death into the world, caused by his side, as he came from the filth of the serpent. The nature of the serpent is to lurk, so as to kill, and his issue, Cain, learned his ways.

Then Cain said to Yahweh, "My punishment is greater than I can bear. See! Today you drive me from this ground. I must hide from you, and be a fugitive and a wanderer over the earth. Why, whoever comes across me will kill me!" "Very well, then," Yahweh replied, "if anyone kills Cain, sevenfold vengeance shall be taken for him.So Yahweh put a mark on Cain, to prevent whoever might come across him from striking him down.

I killed a man for wounding me,a boy for striking me. Sevenfold vengeance is taken for Cain, but seventy-sevenfold for Lamech.

"Lord, how often must I forgive my brother if he wrongs me? As often as seven times?" Jesus answered, "Not seven, I tell you, but seventy-sevenfold".


Beware, should you see or tell the children of the serpent by their mark, don't dare strike or kill them (yourself), for you shall instead be hit seventy-sevenfold as worse! Instead, overcome them by forgiveness, as God himself would do.




Spirit of Stone

They stand still

In space and time, living on...

From the foundations

Of the original essence of creation

Some weathered but

Never perishing, 

Each bond therein, as strong as eternity.


Imagine the nature of energy

Trapped in a rock.

Think of the essence of 

The greatest masters that ever lived

Those whose legacy stands unpolluted

Throughout time.


Now, behold the Stone

And you shall know why

The essence, the principles, the spirit

Cast in stone, is cast to survive all death

And persist eternally, pure and undefiled.


Behold the Spirit in Stone.



Stones, as the closest, most "real" element of Earth (and the fabric from which other planets were forged as well), are arguably also sure links to connecting with the mysteries of creation, and in particular, the spirit of Earth across time.

Consider the use of stones in Zen Buddhism (for their inherent qualities of purity, permanance, pacificity albeit strength).

Consider the most phenomenal monuments, buildings and artifacts of antiquity (and some, as evident in the work of elite societies as the Freemasons today) - think of the Stonehenge, the Pyramids of Giza, the monument of the US's founding fathers and many other such works worldwide.

Consider the reverence and special relation man has with the most stable stones - jewels, gold, platinum and others, both in spiritual and secular realms.

Consider the mystical nature of various stone and rock sites in many native cultures and ethnic sites around the world, especially in Africa. Think of the spiritual attributions of stone.

There are mysteries to be uncovered concerning stone and rock - the body of earth and all solid cosmos, it should be in your best interests as seeker, to reach out and embrace and explore these mysteries.

And you ever forget, if you must cast anything to stand through eternity - then cast it in stone.

Last but not least, remember Jesus's wisdom concerning the rock:

and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

Build on rock, or even better, build in rock - learn from the masters of the ancient worlds.




Personal Experience, Shaping the Mind & Spirit

Whatever you've been exposed to has been absorbed by the mind. It's just soaked up everything it came in touch with. What is hurting you is just this - you want to think about God, but your mind thinks about something else...

[The state of] Your mind is determined by where you are, and where you have been- Whatever prior experiences you have been through, whether conscious or unconscious.

Now, you might seek to influence or change your mind- it's necessary for survival and advancement. But when you keep yourself confined within walls, your mind is likewise confined and limited by those walls and whatever there is to experience within them. This might work for you in some cases, or not.

There are ways to open up your mind, make it gather new forms and states, and all such ways are via experience - spiritual or sensual, and the more direct, the more first hand, the more powerful the impressions your mind receives, and easier it is to influence your mind (a warning about second-hand information and seeking/relying on reported experiences).

Above all things; more rich and packed with wisdom, mysteries and emotion (awaiting discovery) than any literature, movies or recorded media, is nature herself! That subjective-objective reality waiting inside or outside your mind, for you to personally explore and experience it. All the greatest insights, arcane knowledge, science and arts have more or less originated from original, personal experience of what was sought, especially from direct intercourse with nature herself.

Traveling, exploring, observing and study are some of the more powerful means of growing the mind, but their effects can only make their impressions on the mind if it's not deliberately closed or distanced - if you wish to experience something, if you wish to have nature and its mysteries make an impression on you, then come to each experience with an open, yearning mind.

Now, get off your ass,
Shutdown that computer and phone
Get out into the vast wilderness waiting outside,
And let nature shape you into a better human and spirit.

And if a rain should ever catch you amidst your dearest passions, never let yourself loose the experience!




Of Spiritual Claims & How To Test Them

What then is the standard of truth? What tests shall we apply to revelation, when our tests of experience have been found wanting? If I must doubt my eyes that have served me for so many years, must I not much more doubt my spiritual vision - just developing like a toddler’s, untested by comparison and uncriticized by reason?


First, know your limits well, as this is the source of all undertstanding. Next, seek the best that you can and should do within those limits, as this is a source of power.


All human knowledge is bounded, and thus finite and thus relative. If a finite being is to make any judgement - on any matter whatsoever, no matter what the method or means might be, they can and shall only arrive at relative, finite and bounded judgement - it's a consequence of our nature - we are finite beings.

So, must a finite being give up all attempts to judge and or arrive at knowledge / wisdom, since they can by necessity never reach absolute (the real) truth? Well, NO!

Does one need to understand the fundamental / absolute nature of fire in order to cook food with it or to use it for protection against both elements and the beasts? Definitely no! The caveman didn't, yet he knew to put fire to good use.

How must we compare / judge / discern relative truths ( or claims to truth ) then? By their utility (to us).

Believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

They are prophesying to you false visions, divinations, idolatries and the delusions of their own minds.

You will know them by their fruit (results / effects). Grapes aren't gathered from thorns, or figs from thistles, are they? 

If you are wise (make correct judgement), your wisdom will reward you; if you are a mocker, you alone will suffer. 

Thus, if a spirit should claim to be something - test it, in light of what you deem right and useful to you (and all of mankind). If it should fail the test, you shall have your answer.

If another man should claim something spiritual, likewise, put his claim to the test. If you do find utility in what is claimed, then you shall have your answer, otherwise refute all such claims as false pretensions or useless claims. Though, even where another man makes such scrupulous claims or acts by them, do not pass unfair judgement upon them, as just like you, he is but a mere finite being.

 Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.


Pay heed to the words of the wise Herbet Spencer: 

 Human intelligence is incapable of absolute knowledge... all [human] knowledge, properly so called, is Relative.

And pay heed to the words of the wise John Stuart Mill:

The creed which accepts as the foundation of morals, Utility, or the Greatest-Happiness Principle, holds that actions are right in proportion as they tend to promote happiness, wrong as they tend to produce the reverse of happiness. By happiness is intended pleasure, and the absence of pain; by unhappiness, pain, and the privation of pleasure.



Knowledge, even where it be merely relative, is not necessarily void of utility. 

So that even mere art and symbols have utility, just as do the greatest, most general mathematical princples or those of metaphysics.


Thus, where we can't trust our judgement based on relative reasoning, intuition and and other human faculties alone, we can nevertheless use our relative measure of the utility of a thing, to judge whether it be good or not, whether it be right or not.  This is the wisdom of us mortals.




Spiritual Wealth

The spirit is only grown by making it work, just like the muscles of the body or the brain of a man can't grow without activity or exercise.
Your spirit needs to feed, otherwise  it looses It's vitality too. The spirit feeds on spiritual energy, basically by assimilating into itself more spiritual essence. Such, can be done by:
  • Residing in places of spiritual energy abundance, and being receptive while there, so as to absorb into oneself some or much of the surplus energy in the space. The nature or qualities of the spiritual energy one would pick up from such presence depends on the kind of spiritual footprint of the place - creative energy would be harder to pickup in places plagued by much destruction or stagnation, as would destructive energy in places of happiness, light and creativity.
  • Investing in creative acts of a spiritual kind, as every such act, if it persists or flourishes beyond the initial seed, bestows energy upon its author. Think of the spiritual plane as a farm of sorts; you could garner much from even simple acts if you could identify the right time, place and seed to sow, and if you take care of your seed, it could grow into a mammoth yield. Also, the analogy of the farm is fitting for spiritual growth and investment, as it teaches the morals of proper spiritual investment, which like farming, requires:
    • correct timing
    • proper preparation (especially of the seed and where it is to be sown)
    • a good seed
    • patience, as fruits don't just appear overnight
    • only harvesting when the time is right
    • not foolishly exploiting the harvest, but storing some for subsequent sowing and multiplication of yield.
    • lastly, and importantly, enjoyment of not only the fruits, but of the process leading unto them as well - as without this, one is likely to easily give up, and not even survive through trials or have hope of success, and also the quality of the yield reflects the charisma of the sower.
In all cases, the seeker of spiritual growth must acknowledge that more potential for growth and advancement originates from within than from without.

Now, concerning life, work and growth in the spirit, a couple of things are crucial to note and keep at heart:

  1. Energy, is the potential or the ability to do WORK.
    1. A powerful, loaded gun, placed in the hands of a dead man, almost has 0 potential and thus almost no energy - as the dead man, "can't" do anything with it. But the same machine, placed in the hands of an agitated 16 year-old, can immediately make them invincible and all powerful. It thus been seen, that the gun or the man, taken separately, have little or no energy/power, but when the gun is placed in the right hands (in the hands of someone capable and or skillful at using it), then, the gun becomes a tool of power, and the one possessing this tool acquires energy.
  2. The energy possesed by anything or anyone, is directly proportional to the amount of utility that can be drawn from it.
    1. If a piece of bread can make a man walk 100 miles in comparison to a cookie that can make him walk 1000 miles, then, the cookie in essence posseses more energy than the piece of bread, and would thus make the man more powerful.
    2. If a piece of bread that could make a man (with the ability to walk), walk 100 miles or a cookie make the same man walk 1000 miles are instead given to a man who lacks the means to walk - say a man whose legs have been amputated, or who is physically dead or who can't digest food anymore - then, no matter what the bread or cookie can do for other men, in the hands of this impotent man, they have essentially no energy and can make him no powerful beyond what he already is.
      1. Thus, it can be illusive to look at a such a simple thing as a small stone, and think that it's entirely void of energy or power - that can only be the case, when one doesn't posses the means to draw utility from it or when they are ignorant of how it can be utilized (optimally). Otherwise, nothing is entirely impotent or powerles, in the right hands.
        1. This should shed some light on why such seemingly "innocent", "inert" things as symbols or words, can yield so much power to some, while possing no threat or having totally no power in the minds and lives of others. Be wiser...
  3. Energy is not created, and nor is it destroyed - it only is transformed or is directed from one form to another.
    1. Thus, to him that would seek to raise their energy, this can't be done by attempting to create ("ex nihilo"), new energy, but would instead be effectively done by finding, directing, focusing and accumulating energy from elsewhere, and into where it is one wishes to hold or use that energy.
      1. The important skills in energy management being:
        1. Knowing what energy is
        2. Knowing sources of energy
        3. Knowing how to tap those sources of energy
          1. Finding/Identifying the energy
          2. Directing/Focusing the energy
        4. Knowing how to accumulating or store the energy
        5. Knowing how to use or apply the energy to a particular end

The Master Remained Silent.

A Zen Master was walking in silence with one of his disciples along a mountain trail.
When they came to an ancient cedar tree, they sat down under it for a simple meal of some rice and vegetables.
After the meal, the disciple, a young monk who had not yet found the key to the mystery of Zen, broke the silence by asking the Master, "Master, how do I enter Zen?"

The master remained silent.
It could be that, still, the disciple hadn't actually asked anything.
It could be that the question was void.
It could be that the question hadn't yet reached the Master.
It could be that the answers were many, and a choice had to be made by the Master.
It could be that the Master didn't possess the answer.
It could be that he didn't want to give the answer.
It could be that silence was the answer.
It could be that he needed to find a way to say the answer.
It could be that he wanted the disciple to find the answer.
It could be that in silence, he gave the answer.
It could be that the question had erased the answer.
It could be that the time to give the answer had yet to come.
It could be that the disciple already possessed the answer.
It could be that he, the Master was the answer.
Or that he, the disciple, was the answer.
It could also be, that there existed no answer.
It could be that, he just chose to remain silent.
It could be that, we mistakenly perceived him to be silent.
Or that we missed him speak the answer.
But whatever it was, the Master, remained silent.

Almost, five minutes passed while the disciple anxiously waited for an answer.
He was about to ask yet another question, when the Master suddenly spoke.
"Do you hear the sound of that mountain stream?"

The disciple had not been aware of any mountain stream.
He had been too busy thinking about the meaning of Zen. Now, as he began to listen for the sound, his noisy mind subsided.
At first he heard nothing.
Then, his thinking gave way to heightened alertness, and suddenly he did hear the hardly perceptible murmur of a small stream in the far distance.

"Yes, I can hear it now," he said.

The Master raised his finger and, with a look in his eyes that in some ways was both fierce and gentle, said, "Enter Zen from there."

The disciple was stunned.
It was his first satori - a flash of enlightenment.
He knew what Zen was, without knowing what it was that he knew!

They continued on their journey in silence.